Best Gym Clothes For Men in 2023

Matthew Martin

The way we present ourselves is important. Whether we’re going to work, out for dinner or heading to the gym, the way we dress impacts the way we hold ourselves for a given purpose or occasion. When going to the gym, being in the correct mindset is key to getting the most out of your workout. One of the many ways in which we can get in this mindset is by dressing in clothing that was made for the gym. Not only will looking the part help get you in the right mindset, many gym clothes these days are created with technical enhancements to ensure you can optimise your performance as you train. 

This article will present the best gym clothes for men. It will break down each piece into its build, silhouette and technical specifications to help you decide which are the best workout clothes for you.

Best Gym Tops for Men

A good quality gym top is an absolute essential for when you are working out. There are many components which take a gym top from good to great, however there are a couple of main things that you should look for.

Generally, you want a gym top which is breathable and sweat wicking. Breathable fabrics such as nylon allow air to pass through easily, helping your body thermoregulate to ensure that you don’t become too hot or uncomfortable. Ensuring that your body stays at a regular temperature helps maintain performance over time, so wearing a breathable gym top is key for getting the most out of your workout. Having a gym top which is sweat wicking will also help with this. Sweat wicking fabrics work by transporting and evenly distributing your sweat to the outside of the garment, which then evaporates into air. This evaporation of sweat is a key factor in keeping your body cool and fresh, which in turn helps maintain your gym performance.

You also ideally want to look for a gym top which incorporates 4-way stretch. With well fitted gym tops, this is especially important as it will ensure that you can work through your full ranges of movement without inhibition. Working through this full range of movement is incredibly important for maximising performance in any exercise discipline.

247 T-Shirt

The 247 T-shirt is one of the best all round gym tops, whether you’re wearing it for a run, lifting weights, cross training or martial arts. Crafted from a super soft stretch fabric with a matte finish, it also has the desired 4 way stretch in order to maximise that full range of motion needed to perform your best. Within the fabric is the sweat wicking technology that keeps you feeling fresh throughout your training session. Our sweat wicking technology supports your body’s cooling system by re-dispersing sweat evenly throughout the garment to accelerate the evaporation process. The fabric also has shape retention properties to maintain shape and aesthetic wear after wear.

247 Seamless T-Shirt

If you’re into cardio workouts, then the best gym top for you may be the 247 Seamless T-Shirt. This nylon t-shirt has 4-way stretch and a breathable fabric, as well as incorporating anti-bacterial fibres in order to keep a box-fresh feel with every wear. The seamless build of this gym top also ensures that there is minimal irritation to the skin, making this the best gym top for prolonged wear.

Seamless Gym Top

Team 247 x WIT Oversized Tank

The WIT x 247 Oversized Tank is the overall best gym top for men, whatever your goal is. This gym tank top accommodates complete freedom of movement, being crafted from a luxury nylon and elastane blend with 4-way stretch, whilst the breathable fabric works with your body to help maintain your performance over time.

Team 247

Best Gym Pants for Men

If you head to the gym it is likely that most people you see wearing pants will either be in some joggers or a classic tracksuit. It goes without saying that these aren’t the best things to be wearing to the gym, not just because many of these styles aren’t made to optimise your workouts, but also because many aren’t made with a quality that will hold up to the physical stress of multiple workouts. When looking for pants to wear to the gym, it is therefore important that you look for ones which were made for the purpose of working out; not only will they help you train, they will also last much longer.

Having a fabric with a good amount of stretch is essential for longer pants. This is absolutely necessary as many exercises require your legs to be able to work through their full range of movement.

Another feature to look for is secure pockets. Especially if you are lacking a gym bag, having zip pockets is essential to keep your valuables safe and secure as you run, row or squat.

One of the reasons you may choose to wear pants whilst workout out instead of shorts is adverse weather conditions. In line with this therefore, it may be important to you to have a water repellent fabric. Ultimately, comfort is key as you train, so having dry legs can only benefit you. To the same extent, having gym pants which are quick drying is also important. This may allow you to wear them more than once before needing a wash, ensuring that they are longer lasting. 

247 Pants

We believe we have a pant that ticks all those boxes, our 247 Pant. Created to fulfill every purpose and scenario, the 247 pant is perfect for out and about, at work, or for the gym. The 247 pant is crafted from a premium nylon and elastane blend, incorporating 4-way stretch for complete freedom of movement, whatever the activity. The pants feature two cargo pockets as well as four zipped pockets to help secure your valuable items.

247 Pants

The 247 pant has an adjustable hem and waistband, so you can adjust the fit when wearing them for physical activity. They are also made for the outdoors; the water repellent and quick drying fabric used to create this pant is perfect for training outside when the weather takes a turn.

Our 247 pants come in a vast array of colours, and also come in a zip leg style, so you can pick and choose which may be best suited for your workouts.

Best Gym Shorts for Men

When looking for gym shorts, the same requirements apply as for gym pants. Ideally they should be sweat wicking, have multiple pockets and be built from material which affords some degree of stretch.

One other component you should be looking for when it comes to buying gym shorts is the length. Ideally you want the hem to fall above the knee to keep movement as unrestricted as possible.

247 Shorts

If you’re looking for an all round gym short, then the 247 Shorts are for you. Literally created for every purpose, they combine technical fabrics with  functional form, looking just as good out and about as they do in the gym. The 247 shorts have both cargo and zip pockets, with an elasticated drawstring waistband. 

The shorts finish just above the knee, making them perfect for virtually any activity. The adjustable drawstrings on the waistband allows you to adjust the shorts for an optimal fit whilst you train.

"Not only do they give off a serious sense of laid-back Los Angeles energy, as the name suggests, they'll serve you well 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including at the gym." - GQ Magazine

247 Shorts

247 Hybrid Shorts

If you’re looking for a pair of gym shorts which are created to maximise your performance whilst you train, then the 247 Hybrid Shorts are the ones for you. Featuring a perforated shell which facilitates complete breathability and an inner compression layer to work with your muscles as they activate, the shorts have zip pockets as well as a hidden security pocket to the leg. 

"Staying true to Represent’s effortlessly cool aesthetic with branded detailing and a dark oak colourway, these shorts live up to any major sports brand’s offering" - GQ Magazine

247 Hybrid Shorts

247 Fused Shorts

The 247 Fused Shorts are the ultimate hard-wearing training shorts. Crafted from a recycled nylon and spandex blend, they are ultra-durable to withstand the hardest of workouts, wear after wear. The fabric accommodates 4-way stretch for complete freedom of movement and are both quick drying and antibacterial to ensure that they have a box fresh feel every time you wear them.

"The recycled nylon and spandex blend is durable, breathable and stretchable enough to tackle the demands of army drills, let alone a Barry's class." - GQ Magazine

247 Fused Shorts

Best Gym Hoodie for Men

Although you may prefer not to work out whilst wearing a hoodie, a gym hoodie is still an important part of your gym wardrobe arsenal. Whether it is outdoor fell running, or an indoor upper body session, you always want your muscles to be warmed up and activated before you train hard. A gym hoodie can help here; having it on for the first few sets of your workout, or the entirety of your run will help your muscles warm up and be ready for the stress under which you are going to put them whilst you train.

Team 247 Hoodie

As with all gymwear, a good gym hoodie should not compromise your range of movement. Our Team 247 Hoodie has a 4-way stretch for a complete range of movement. It also has a slim fit with super soft fabric to help maintain insulation wherever you are. With an antibacterial finish, this gym hoodie will maintain its feel of freshness wear after wear.

Closing Thoughts

This was our selection of the best gym clothes for men. Whether you’re looking to get into shape this year, hit some new fitness goals or maintain your current schedule, we have a vast selection of gym clothing to help you in the right direction.